Welcome to ‘Tales From The Racks’

Some of my records.

In this blog I plan to write about my records, that may be reviews, photographs,  lists, sharing mixes, or writing about the people behind the music. I love music, I DJ most weekends, I buy records ALL THE TIME. I guess I’m a bit obsessive about it. Then again, that makes it sound like a bad thing. Through music I’ve made great friends, had great times, even travelled in the name of digging. Not always far,  your local charity shop can be as rewarding as a famous store in any city if you catch it on the right day. (Try dropping in at least once a week, mostly you’ll get nothing, but sometimes you find treasures.

Anyway,  I hope you’ll have a look at what I post, maybe even read something, possibly have a listen – you may even like something. Feel free to comment. Music is pretty personal, so if I put a list of my favourite tracks by someone you may well think I’ve missed something, I’m mistaken etc… I’d like you to let me know, I may not agree, but thats fine – however its likely that you may be letting me know about tracks I haven’t heard. And I love adding to a wants list.

Thanks for reading this far, please follow and have a look every now and then as I plan to post as often as I can. One last thing – I buy all my music, please support artists you love by purchasing their music in whatever format you prefer. Supporting independent music retailers and the independent labels that fill them with music directly helps to strengthen the music scene and encourages creativity. I know music can be expensive, especially vinyl,  but look upon it as an investment in a lifetimes worth of listening pleasure and it may just end up feeling like a bargain. Anyway, off the soapbox and back to the music…

Link to my mixcloud page.

I regularly post mixes here, some broadcast on Purple Radio, others just for fun.


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