David Mancuso and The Loft Part 3 – Further Reading


David Mancuso enjoyed something of a renaissance in the 90’s, his style of playing records finding favour amongst those looking for something different. A series of annual Loft parties in London brought this pioneer to the attention of a new generation of music lovers. His work with Cosmo Murphy leading to compilations bring issued and even an audiophile record label being set up. His work from back in the day in setting up record pools also being acknowledged as central to his wider influence.

As more and more refer to Mancuso as an influence and as the depth of writing on this pioneer goes further into this, it is clear that his place in dance history is secured. That said he shouldn’t be consigned to the past. Mancuso continues to hold parties on his terms, spreading the word as he did from day one that…

‘Love Saves The Day’

His work continues to inspire, further reading on David Mancuso is recommended; Greg Wilson writes on Mancuso’s craft on the link below. For an in depth read ‘Love Saves The Day’ a history of American dance music culture 1970-79 by Tim Lawrence is essential.


A further selection of tracks as played by David Mancuso at his classic NYC Loft parties is accessible below. Please have a listen, I hope you enjoy it.

Track listing
1. Holy Ghost – Walk On Air
2. Sun Palace – Rude Movements
3. War – City County City
4. Barabas – Woman
5. Babe Ruth – The Mexican
6. George Duke – Brazillian Love Affair
7. Blackbyrds – Walking In Rhythm
8. The Winners – Get Ready For The Future
9. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain

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