Uffe ‘Radio Days’ – Album Review


Danish born producer Uffe has delivered an album likely to prove a nightmare for record stores – exactly which genre to file this in? Radio Days released on Tartelet Records is a warm album incorporating deep house, jazz, dubby downbeat sounds, it’s heavy with samples yet coherent. Uffe Christensen has realised a collection of tracks, that are full of seductive beats, and are by turns woozy and dreamy and next jazzy late night chugging treasures. Ideal for headphone listening; or as the soundtrack to early hours ‘don’t want to go to bed yet’ after club parties.

There is the deep house crossed with Arthur Russell of ‘Lemon Nights’ with its fuzzy rhodes and the disco tinged ‘Space Loop’ if you want to get down. But it’s the downtempo tracks that engage the most over time. The piano sprinkled ‘Your Reality’ is a lovely thing indeed, with shades of The XX it should find broad appeal if the right ears get to hear this. Weary, sometimes effected vocals provided by Uffe Christensen himself enhance a number of tracks, he is no Marvin Gaye, but his lo-fi style works amidst the analogue moods.

Whilst referencing melancholy emotions and delivering downbeat delights, this isn’t a maudlin album. The light and dark and the different tempos combine to deliver an entertaining listen. From head nodders like ‘Saw You Laughing’ that references Flying Lotus before shifting towards more ruminative ‘indie’ style vocal you often get this contrast within tracks as well as across the album as a whole.

Stand out for me though is, ‘My Luv Was Real’ a fairly sparse, house tune with almost uk garage type beats the tracks title repeated as a vocal echoing over the top. A real red light and a basement tune. Anyone with an interest in the leftfield, more off beat electronic/dance/down tempo scene would do well to check this.

Here is a soundcloud link to the album sampler.

Listen to Radio Days LP :: Uffe :: Tartelet Records 2015 by Tartelet Records #np on #SoundCloud


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