Balearic Beats #1 – Sunset & Beyond Mix


With the sun shining these last few weeks I thought I’d share an old Balearic mix I put togther. Starting out with some downtempo sunset tunes it builds up the pace gently before getting to a more jazzy deep house sound. Ending up with a star gazing influenced tune by Time & Space Machine it kind of aims to capture a night on the white isle. Sunset, night and early hours moods.

I’ll be posting a selection of Cafe Del Mar classics next, with a few words on the godfather of the sunset mix Jose Padilla. A man undergoing something of a renaissance, it seems timely to pay tribute to the next in my gallery of dj and musical ‘pioneers’.


1. Nev Cottee – The Sun Also Rises

2. Antenna – By Bye Papeye

3. Coyote – Coyote Star

4. Soft Rocks – Obo (Tiago Mix)

5. 40 Thieves – Crystal Mountain Thunderlude

6. Prins Thomas – Hans Majestet

7. Max Essa – Peninsula

8. Baptiste & Pierre Colleu – Dolphin Kid

9. Neon Heights – There’s A Place Where Happy People Go

10. Mushrooms Project – Amazzones (Coyote Mix)

11. Donny Hathaway – The Ghetto (Dimitri From Paris Mix)

12. Louie Vega – Circi De Me (Wagon Cookin’ Mix)

13. Renegades – Let It Ride

14. Time And Space Machine – Buffalo Roam


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