Box Frequency FM – Network mix 7th May 2015


I was recently asked to provide a mix for Box Frequency FM’s Network Show hosted by Matthew Foord. As I am always happy for an excuse to dig into the collection and play some records I was delighted to oblige. The mix went out on May 7th and went down well so I thought I’d share it. I will be providing another mix for them in the future so will share the details of that soon.

There was no real plan for the mix, I wanted to pull out some forgotten favourites, some newer stuff as well as playing across a variety of genres. The selection starts out fairly mellow before heading into some more broken beat type records, then some deeper tracks from the likes of Orbital and A Guy Called Gerald. The mix ends with a few disco grooves before Sharon Cash’s take on Nature Boy and an old Italian library track brings things to a close.

Check out Box Frequency FM here

1. Len Leise – Sea Of Trees
2. Photek – Into the 90’s
3. Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
4. Nightmares On Wax – Nights Interlude
5. Manek – Song For Mohinder
6. Dorothy Ashby – Joyful Grass and Grape
7. Terry Callier – Your Gonna Miss Your Candy Man
8. Yesterdays New Quintet – Sunrays
9. Black Milk – Hell Below ft. Gene Obey
10. Daniel Grau – Delierio en fa Menor (Max Graef and Delfonic remix)
11. Budgie – Once You Pop
12. I.O. – Claire
13. Orbital – Chime
14. A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric
15. Andras Fox and Oscar Thom – What They Say
16. Jimmy Chambers – You Can’t Fight It
17. Gonno – Obscurant
18. Sheila Hylton – Falling In Love
19. ESG – Moody (Spaced Out)
20. Bernard Guyvan – Polar (T’Aurais Du T’Tirer)
21. Raymonde Et Les Moutards – Y’en A Mame
22. BT (Barbara Taylor) – You Can Have You Cake & Eat It Too
23. Valerie Allington – Stop
24. Gloria Ann Taylor – Deep Inside
25. Spark – La Bimini
26. Ronnie Laws – Just Love
27. Sharon Cash – Nature Boy
28. Daniela Casa – Strade Vuoto


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