Record shopping in Amsterdam – Selected finds from a revisit

imageAs I noted in my post on Amsterdam’s record shops, this is a great city for buying wax. So I went back for some more digging action and in the interests of sharing thought I’d post about a few records I picked up from Redlight Records. This is my favourite record store in Amsterdam, I can’t imagine ever leaving empty handed. They curate a superb selection of wax so there isn’t any duff to wade through, its about choosing which tracks you like best, rather than hoping to find something you like. Where I could, I’ve added a you tube video so you can have a listen.

Glass Pyramid – Glass Pyramid (Peoples Potential Unlimited)

A lovely bit of 80’s boogie, this release has 3 different tracks, with instrumentals and alternate takes – well worth picking this up if you see it. This track is a great example of the dancefloor dynamite on this record.

Tommy Stewart – Unreleased Material A great extended e.p. on Jazzman – 6 tracks of previously unreleased material from Tommy Stewart. Soulful funk and boogie, a great example is ‘Hot Box’ – have a listen.

Dazzle / “C” On The Funk (PPU) Disco at its best, this release on PPU is a three tracker and each one is a winner.  The Dazzle track ‘Explain’ got a lot of approval from the chaps behind the counter, but really all 3 are great. Check out one of the Dazzle tracks here, you should find “C” on the Funk’s track ‘In the Disco’ on you tube too.

Salamanca Issue #1 Lovely package this, hand printed sleeve and labels on a limited pressing of 250. This is the first in what I guess will be an ongoing series, 3 tracks of off the wall disco – well left of centre stuff. As a side note Joe’s Bakery – Leed’s heroes – have provided a re-edit for the latest Salamanca release – SAL03. Oddly there is no SAL02 to my knowledge.  If you see one of these check it out and buy as I doubt they will be around long due to the limited pressings.

Moton – Port Authority Blues This is a cracking label – Diesel, Dave Jarvis and assorted other partners in crime have put out a fantastic array of re-edits on this imprint. Disco, funk, rock, house and much more have been tweaked, fiddled with, beefed up or twisted for maximum effect. This release (006) is one I missed picking up originally, so well pleased to find it at Redlight. A 4 tracker focusing on disco, funk with jazz and rock touches. Includes a lovely treatment of an E.S.G. track.

So there are a few recent picks from my last trip to Redlight records – a brilliant shop, full of treasures, but also friendly and welcoming. You don’t have to spend a fortune – though you can easily, either by buying loads, or by picking up one of the rarities or holy grails they stock. If you get to Amsterdam check it out.


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