Record Shopping In Leeds – One Year Later

Last January I posted a list of record outlets in Leeds, it is probably time to review this, as there have been one or two changes since then, some of them haven’t even happened yet…

I will update with more info on the new developments as they happen.

Outlaws Yacht Club

I wrote about OYC last time, they still hold regular record fairs and carry second hand stock, however it seems they are ready to step up a gear. From February the record store element will be overhauled, the big change is that they are to start carrying a range of selected new releases. Judging by the music played there, the owners impeccable taste as evidenced by his dj’ing and the calibre of guest dj’s to have visited this venue, the records to be sold are sure to be essential. Keep your eyes open for this, more announcements via twitter and FB are due.


JCub Kelly of 212 – the newish bar/club space in Leeds is branching out. Not content with bringing DJ’s like John Morales to the city a new record store/bar is due… not much info on this so far, but it will be interesting to see which niche this store will fall into. There has been a vacancy for a decent dance record outlet in Leeds, could this fill the gap?


Wall Of Sound

Last time around Dragnet records had moved from Hyde Park to the Crash basement. They have now shifted into the ether, or online whichever description you prefer. In their place popped uo Wall Of Sound. After a lengthy stint in Huddersfield WofS found themselves in Harrogate, however in 2015 they got itchy feet and moved again, Harrogate’s loss being Leeds gain. A second hand store with an owner with decades of knowledge of the vinyl trade, this place is well worth checking out. Word has it that one or two visiting dj’s have called in and found it a fruitful hunting ground. If it’s good enough for DJ Format (for one) it’s good enough for me.



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