Straight No Chaser – The Jazz Messenger


I’ve been flicking back through old issues of SNC and realised what a vital magazine it was. Back in the early 90’s the internet was pretty much non existent, we found record shops in every market town rather than discogs and we relied on flyers and word of mouth for club and gig news. SNC was a central source that supported all of that.
With sections on clubs nights across the country (and beyond), features on vital vinyl retailers and of course the all important reviews and playlists SNC was THE link to all that was happening in the world of acid jazz, funk, soul, broken beat, Latin and every other related genre.
There for the rise and fall of trip hop, the arrival of drum and bass, nu jazz, bruk and much more SNC ensured you were in touch with folk like Gilles Peterson and could keep your finger at least lightly on the pulse from a Midlands market town. 

Things of course seemdled to move a little slower than too. Records would bubble up over months, even years. Imports may be promised for weeks on end by your dealer – but thanks to SNC you at least knew what to ask for.

Below are some extracts from issue #20 starting with those all important charts.

Wonder if there are still any swifty t’s left? 

How you found out about New releases…

Guest reviews from James Lavelle.



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