A Tribute to David Axelrod by Andy Hickford | Mixcloud

By way of recognition of the passing of David Axelrod I put together this mix. Taking a selection of tracks from some of my favourite albums of his, plus throwing in a scattering of productions I hope that this gives a flavour of his peerless musicianship.

Axelrod work came to be widely used as sample material,  sound tracking computer games and as music to be covered.  Jurassic 5, Dr Dre, Beatnuts and more sampled his work, which was arguably ahead of its time in its recording methods and it’s complexity.

An inspiration to many, from Shadow to Madlib and beyond, David Axelrod may have left us, but his music will love on. 

RIP David 1931- 2017

Track list: 
1. Holy Thursday (Songs Of Innocence)
2. My Family (Heavy Axe)
3. Cannonball Adderley Quintet & Orchestra – Tensity 
4. Jimmy T (David Axelrod)
5. David McCallum – The Edge
6. The Human Abstract (Songs Of Experience)
7. David McCallum – House Of Mirrors
8. Songs Of Innocence (S.O.I.)
9. The Shadow Knows (David Axelrod)
10. The Electric Prunes – General Confessions
11. Freedom (The Auction)
12. Get Up Off Your Knees (Heavy Axe)

(Album title in brackets on Axelrod tracks)



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