Digging In Amsterdam  (Reprise)

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world and I was lucky enough to return there for 24 hours last month. Even better was the fact that I was there not just to buy records, but play them too as I was booked to dj at Cafe Belgique. This is probably my favourite spot in the city for a beer and music. It’s a compact place but finds room for 2 turntables and a mixer and is frequented by friendly crowd as keen in the music as they are the beers served there. 

Before hitting the decks though, I had a list of stores to check including the new location for Rush Hour. The new store is only a stones throw from the previous location. The old shop was great, but could be cramped with you elbow to elbow with others at the listening posts and the shelves, however the size of the shop is much improved. 

Light and airy, loads of display space, ample decks to check out records this shop is a wax addicts dream. New and second hand records, plus regular top level guest dj’s performing in store this place is perfect. 

Rush Hour:

No trip to this city is complete without spending time in Red Light Records.  The store is located in the Red Light district (obviously) down an alley way that opens up into a small courtyard – the Red Light Complex. Please see my previous post for address details and store review. 

Red Light Records & Complex:

Cafe Belgique

Hidden away on a small street near Dam Square, Cafe Belgique is something of a city institution. Popular amongst those who both buy and sell vinyl in the cities many record shops, this is a great place to spend an hour or 5 working through the dozens and dozens of beers they have and listening to great music. With a superb roster of dj’s curated by DJ Kléo (check out her mixcloud page link below and find her dj’ing regularly in the city and beyond) this is a music lovers bar.

 A night at Cafe Belgique

Please check out DJ Kléo mixcloud page:


Includes live mixes from Cafe Belgique as well as Red Light Radio guest spots
We did manage few other record shops – please see my previous posts on Dam Digging for details. 
There was a new store – one that we discovered in this trip anyway – not far from Rush Hour and near Dam Square. 

Dreamtime isn’t what it appears, it seems the dreamcatchers and incense sticks gave way recently to a decent selection of funk, soul, jazz and hip hop vinyl with lots of bargain bin prices. Worth a look…

Many thanks to all at Cafe Belgique for making us all so welcome, to Clélia (DJ Kléo) & Mijke (DJ Margie ) for the after hours drinks and music chat and to James of The Promised Land (Leicester) for being my partner in crime buying and playing records. Hope to do it all again very soon. 


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