Digging In The Collection #13 – Dirty Illusion (Andy Hickford)

I regularly put together selections of records from my collection as ‘Digging in the Collection’ mixes. Usually cross genre selections of old and new records.

This selection focused on dusty Boogie, hip hop beats and jazzy grooves. Featuring tracks from Henry Wu, Dām Funk plus two from the new Mahatma X LP this is laid back listening. 

Tracklist :

1. Rozzi Daime – Dirty Illusions
2. Dennis Ayler – One 4 Reevesy
3. Dego & Kaidi Tatham – Ain’t Nothing You Can’t Feel
4. Dam Funk – Break Out
5. Morgan Zarate ft. Sarah Ann Web – M.A.B.
6. Yam Who? – Wrap You Up
7. Greyboy ft. Rodney Matthews – Help Is On The Way
8. Tensei – Space Colony
9. Mahatma X – CityCyde
10. Henry Wu & Banton – Natural
11. The Hue & Kissy Asplund – Stressin’
12. Thundercat – Where Giants Roam / Fields of the Nephilm
13. Mahatma X – MurdaUS
14. Ivan Mamao Conte – Mamao’s Break (Tenderlonious Remix)

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