Downtown Science Radio Show – March 2017

Its the March instalment of the Downtown Science Radio Show – Full contingent this month with Decknologist, Mike Ferry, The Boogie Monster and Andy Hickford / Perkins playing 30 minute sets with a few shout outs – hit us up on Facebook next time we air to get involved;…

The Boogie Monster

Michael Ferry

This month Andy Hickford had an advance play of the new Mr Bird track featuring Greg Blackman track ‘Where Did The Party Go’ (Ashley Beedle North Street Remix) on Ramrock – at around the 1 hour 30 min mark before dropping some deep jazz vibes. Get in your pre-orders on Juno for that – out in April. The Boogie Monster hit hard with a throwback broken beat set, Mike Ferry played the second half hour set with boogie, disco and soulful killers with Decknologist kicking things off with a eclectic selection ranging from breaks, Italian library and more – dig in…


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