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The Best of Trip Hop


Trip Hop, that sometimes maligned genre, I thought was worthy of an audio re-appraisal. Certainly there were some coffee table crimes committed in the name of this genre, however I’d love to name a style of music that doesn’t have its fair share of swill amongst the silk.

At its best Trip Hop was innovative (at least at first), evocative, creative and also a genre around which some enduring artists made their names. Kruder & Dorfmeister, Portishead for example are not constrained by their Trip Hop history, but certainly owe a debt to the genre for providing a platform for future success. Artists such as Massive Attack and labels such as Ninja Tune and Mo Wax formed around the nascent Trip Hop scene, drawing in influences from sound systems, hip hop, graffiti and more creating this uniquely UK sound – that went on to influence others further afield – from France to Japan and beyond.

Yes there is a lot of bland ‘trip hop’, the genre did eat itself somewhat & much like ‘Big Beat’ perhaps became overshadowed by its worse elements rather than being celenrated for its best. So a re-appraisal? Lets take the evidence at hand – some of the best of the genre. I have sought to bring together a series of selections that hopefully represent some of the genres high-points. With elements of dub, drum & bass as well as hip hop, soul and a touch of funk I have been a little liberal with the term ‘trip hop’ but certainly aim to stay true to the over-arching ethos of trip hop nights of the time with the choices made. Have a listen – this isn’t supposed to be a definitive best of, there are great records I don’t have – and have a think. Was Trip Hop so bad?

So – to the music…







A Balearic Mix – The Dip In The Pool Series


I really liked the idea of putting together a series of mixes that are within the ‘balearic’ vibe of the mixes I tag with that genre – but are slightly distinct in that they have a bit more of a boogie/pool party vibe to them. More than that I also wanted to give them a bit of a retro feel, as if you could take a time machine back to a hedonistic party in some playboys or playgirls pad, with cocktails, fine food and relaxed atmosphere as the sun sets. Once the booze hits and the moon rises the dancing starts, and as the party gets going many decide to take a dip in the pool…


Below I will post the links to the mixes in this series. I hope you enjoy…



Downtown Science Radio Show 28th November 2017 (Box Frequency)

00:00 – 20:40 – Boogie Monster

00:40 – 01:20 – Decknologist

Son of Sam – Fighting Talk (feat Lifford & Blaise B)

Funkadelic – Music For My Mother Andrés Wo Ahh Ay Vocal Mix)

Unknown Artist – Kaleidoscope

Tony Sarfo & The Funky Afrosibi – I Beg

Tala A.M. – Sugar Lump

Homeboy Sandman – Fat Belly

Show & A.G. – Next Level (DJ Premier Remix)

Average White Band – I’m The One

Son of Sam – Put It On Ya (Feat. Mr. Thing & Soundsci)

Neal Hefti – Batman Theme

01:20 – 02:00 – Andy Hickford

Madvillain – Fire In The Hole (Madlib Remix)

Dexter – No Sun

Death From Above – International Headass Network

Lone – Airglow Fires

Sameed – Can’t U

Unknown – Nowin

Donate / Deodato – Whistle Stop

Inezita Barroso – Maracata Elegante

Plantlife – When She Smiles (4 Hero Remix)

Dego & Kaidi – Too Much Ginger

Prince – Black Sweat

Hermann Kelly – A Refreshing Love

22:00 – 22:15 – Decknologist

Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm – Getting Nasty

10cc – The Worst Band In The World

DamFunk – 10 West

A Tribute to Ashley Beedle Part 2: Productions, Remixes and Re-Edits

I put together a selection of Ashley productions a year or two ago which I very loosely termed a ‘Best Of’. I was never that happy with that as a description, not because of any doubts about the music included but rather because that sounded a bit too ‘definitive’. To suggest the 10 tracks I had compiled are his ‘best’ didn’t sit right. 

Besides, the man don’t quit… There is new work all the time, including stellar remixes on the Ramrock labels which I would strongly recommend you check. I have particularly enjoyed the work with Future Unit and Mr Bird featuring Greg Blackman. 

Check out the label via Juno here:

So, what to do? A second selection to pay further tribute to one of the central figures of the UK Dance scene was in order. Still doing damage to dance floors through his work as a DJ and producer after decades in the business, Ashley’s output speaks for itself. As with that first selection I have picked productions released under his own name, as well as aliases plus remixes and re-edits; all selected to demonstrate the versatility and genre-spanning work of the man.

Salute to Mr Ashley Beedle!

Sheaf Street / Duke Studios


We at Downtown Science have been big fans of Sheaf Street & Duke Studios for a while now, the venue outside of the city centre offers a different vibe to their more central rivals. We have played their Friday Night Residency slot on a few occasions (joining the likes of Justin Roberston, Ewan Pearson, Mr.C and many more who have also played the Friday sessions) as well as DJ’ing at other events – Andy Hickford played disco at their Nicky Siano ‘Love Is The Message’ film screening as well as various members of the crew playing Saturday afternoon sets as part of the Boogie Monster presents sessions.

A recording of a recent(ish) Friday night residency is available here:

As well as the Grub & Grog kitchen (run by Dan Palmer) the venue has also hosted the Veg Out festivals – again with Downtown Science amongst the roster of guest dj’s.

Duke Street has also hosted some exceptional events with Nicky Siano, Psychemagik amongst the stellar dj’s who have held parties here.

Amongst the upcoming events at Duke Studios sees them and Partyfine presenting Yuksek, Get a room! and Andrew Devine. A night of quality club music, deviant disco, indie and electronica headlined by label boss Yuksek. A serious slice of the French electronic dance music, in Duke Studios warehouse and terrace (The Yarden) spaces.

Yuksek is a French electronic music producer, remixer, composer, label manager and music lover. After releasing several singles, dozens of remix’s and two albums, he created his own label, Partyfine, confirming the his ‘Yuksek’ sound.

Irish born Andrew Devine is the exception to our French Rule – has been making waves in Leeds for the past two years. Already a regular DJ at one of Leeds’ biggest parties Flux as well as holding down his Saturday night weekly residency at Belgrave Music Hall, he is one guy not to be underestimated. Supporting the likes of Crazy P, Detroit Swindle, Optimo, Bradley Zero & Or:la you can be sure you will be seeing a lot of his name in the next year. Opening and closing the night expect funk, disco and a peppering of house along with a big dollop of fun from his sets!



Music For A Sunny Afternoon Part 3 – Bye Bye Mr Cool by Andy Hickford | Mixcloud

This is my 200th upload to Mixcloud. I wasn’t aware of this until after posting a couple more – maybe I should have done something different to mark the ‘occasion’ like a selection of favourite ever tracks??

That said I have always tried to keep my uploads straight forward – whatever I felt like listening to for an hour or so would be what is recorded. That maybe a general dog through the collection for a cross-genre session, listening to an hour of one artist, playing records associated with a label, a dj or club night, or whatever.
The tracks here were recorded one sunny afternoon and we’re just what I wanted to hear at that point in time. I think I’ll maintain that as the central plan behind what I post – hopefully one or two folk will keep wanting to listen.

Thanks for the eara to those who have listened… I’ll get started on the next 200…

Track List: 
1. Gregory Porter – Musical Genocide (St Germain Version)
2. Koom.H – Mr Cool
3. Antena – Bye Bye Papaye (Lexx Remix)
4. Desmond Williams – Theme For A Dream
5. Georges Vert – Freak D’Escape
6. Soane – Tropical Sandstorm
7. Rollercone – Palais Mascotte
8. Povo – Shahib’s Habit
9. Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford – Jazz Room (Spiritual South Mix)
10. Heritage Orchestra – Skybreak (Jazzanova Remix)

Balearic Mix #45 The Original Balearic Classics 

Barefoot In The Head

A few pics from the early years of Ibiza that capture the original Balearic spirt:


ibiza 5

I have put together a selection of some of the original Café Del Mar / Balearic classics as played in the early wide eyed days of sound-tracked sunsets on the white isle. Balearic pop, tropical shufflers and more. Before the advent of Café Del Mar rip-off comps and identikit chill out music, these tracks set the tone for what was to follow.


Track list:

  1. Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
  2. Antenna – Camino Del Sol
  3. Donna Summer – State Of Independence
  4. Linda Di Franco – TV Scene
  5. Flash & The Pan – Walking In The Rain
  6. Carly Simon – Why
  7. Penguin Café Orchestra – Music For A Found Harmonium
  8. Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (The Latin Dream)
  9. Tullio de Piscopo – Stop Bajon…Primavera
  10. Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots
  11. A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Head (Remix)

ibiza 4

ibiza 3

The mix: