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Music For A Sunny Afternoon Part 3 – Bye Bye Mr Cool by Andy Hickford | Mixcloud

This is my 200th upload to Mixcloud. I wasn’t aware of this until after posting a couple more – maybe I should have done something different to mark the ‘occasion’ like a selection of favourite ever tracks??

That said I have always tried to keep my uploads straight forward – whatever I felt like listening to for an hour or so would be what is recorded. That maybe a general dog through the collection for a cross-genre session, listening to an hour of one artist, playing records associated with a label, a dj or club night, or whatever.
The tracks here were recorded one sunny afternoon and we’re just what I wanted to hear at that point in time. I think I’ll maintain that as the central plan behind what I post – hopefully one or two folk will keep wanting to listen.

Thanks for the eara to those who have listened… I’ll get started on the next 200…

Track List: 
1. Gregory Porter – Musical Genocide (St Germain Version)
2. Koom.H – Mr Cool
3. Antena – Bye Bye Papaye (Lexx Remix)
4. Desmond Williams – Theme For A Dream
5. Georges Vert – Freak D’Escape
6. Soane – Tropical Sandstorm
7. Rollercone – Palais Mascotte
8. Povo – Shahib’s Habit
9. Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford – Jazz Room (Spiritual South Mix)
10. Heritage Orchestra – Skybreak (Jazzanova Remix)

This Is Radio Saint Etienne 

Saint Etienne are far and away one of my favourite bands. Ever since picking up a copy of Fox Base Alpha in the early 90’s I’ve had a soft spot for their blend of pop, Indie, Balearic and post acid house music. Fox Base Alpha is surely one of the defining albums of the post second summer of love era, it’s blend of come-down atmospherics, positivity, pop and nostalgic references was a perfect counter point to the heavier though similarly influenced Screamadelica.

Fox Base Alpha (1991)

So Tough (1993)

Saint Etienne followed up FBA with anyone slice of beautifully measured nostalgia, deep house inspired grooves, and pop, all held together with carefully selected samples. Taking spoken word from the likes of Peeping Tom and Billy Liar ‘So Tough’ played out like a perfect Sunday afternoon. Memories of  music from the night before, washed over with afternoon matinee film references all kicked off with a call for a cup of tea and a bun.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1991)

Nothing Can Stop Us Now / Speedwell  (1991)

With their latest ‘Home Counties’ album due next month in June; it seems a good time to share this mix I put together a while back. By no means intended as a best of, these are just a few of my favourite tracks by Saint Etienne. These are pretty much all from the period covered by their first three albums.

Early days image

More info…

Please check out the band’s website for details of the new album, merchandise and tour information.


Home Counties (2017)

The mix:


Whilst looking forward to their new work, for me this is the era of classic Saint Etienne.

Hear This! Sharing mixes & Soundcloud


I have been posting mixes to mixcloud for a couple of years now, and have been pretty happy with the platform. It does everything I need it to, whilst not necessarily being incredible. Its advantages?
– It’s free (massive plus)
– It is easy to use
– No take downs
– Designed for dj mixes

On the downside though it is;
– Not as popular as Soundcloud
– Has smaller listener numbers

– No downloads

– Has slightly odd rules regarding the number of tracks by tge same artist allowed in each mix.

Now none of his really mattered to me, I accept I am not going to get thousands of plays evey week, I’m posting mixes as I like getting records onto a digital format that enables me to listen easily when out & about and it is nice to share the music you love. The limitations are far outweighed by the fact it was free.

Meanwhile, many people I know have been having big issues with Soundcloud and have switched allegiance to Hearthis. What were the problems with Soundcloud? Largely the take downs. Whilst fo a long time people could get round the first track id issue by use of a sample, ambient noise etc… recently SC has become more militant. Three strikes rules have seen hundreds of hours of mixes, radio shows and podcasts lost as SC removed accounts. This hasn’t just effected friends, world famous NTS were the latest victims.

This caused a lot of anger. I never paid to use Soundcloud, I felt for my low profile that I don’t need to be shelling out, so fortunately I haven’t been caught up in this. The arguments about the right and wrong of SC’s actions can rage on. For me it seemed that whilst Soundcloud was clearly a popular and highly subscribed toplatform that enabled high volume listens to be accumulated it had one inherent flaw.

Soundcloud wasn’t intended to be used for dj mixes, it was designed to be used as a platform forcsharing original productions.  You paid a fee to support the servers, and the platform itself as well as its ongoing development.  The fee wasn’t intended to cover royalties to the artists whose work was used in mixes. So SC got caught, artists felt hard done by and major labels got precious about their music and started flexing muscles. Meanwhile those posting mixes felt they were being shafted by SC as they had paid their money but were having their work taken down, or even their entire account removed, losing listens, followers, contacts they had spent years building up. In some cases where no back ups were present people lost hours of mixes they may have done years ago and spent days working on.

So, against that backdrop many were searching for a new location to post mixes. A lot of friends have plumped for Hearthis, so I’m giving it a go too. It is free for a basic profile (you can have 10,000 listens and 5,000 downloads of your mixes -so should last me some time!). Or you can upgrade to a premium account for about twenty pounds that allows unlimited plays/downloads of your mixes as well as faster uploads. Let’s see how it goes on Hearthis then… if you have any thoughts on SC, Mixcloud etc… I’d be interested to hear them.

My mixes can be found at the link below.


So if you have a minute or 60 hear these…