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A Balearic Mix – The Dip In The Pool Series


I really liked the idea of putting together a series of mixes that are within the ‘balearic’ vibe of the mixes I tag with that genre – but are slightly distinct in that they have a bit more of a boogie/pool party vibe to them. More than that I also wanted to give them a bit of a retro feel, as if you could take a time machine back to a hedonistic party in some playboys or playgirls pad, with cocktails, fine food and relaxed atmosphere as the sun sets. Once the booze hits and the moon rises the dancing starts, and as the party gets going many decide to take a dip in the pool…


Below I will post the links to the mixes in this series. I hope you enjoy…




Balearic Mix #3 Analogue Dreams Part 3


This is the latest mix I’ve uploaded to Mixcloud. A selection of balearic grooves, chill out, downtempo and a few more upbeat shufflers towards the end. This has been one of my more popular uploads, getting over 200 plays in its first 4 days and reaching the top 5 in Eclectic and Chill Out charts. This should go well with some sunshine and an Estrella.

There are a few new tracks, including the return of U-Star records with Shrinkwrap’s ‘Outhouse’, and recent releases from Is It Balearic? and Aficionado. In addition there are a couple of classics from Bjorn Torske, and an older release from International Feel. I hope you will enjoy it.

Tracklist to follow

Balearic Beats #2 Analogue Dreams Part 1


As a further precursor to the Jose Padilla piece, here is another sunset mix. The first half is largely beatless; pure downtempo chill out music. Halfway in the pace picks up with some chugging grooves laced with a touch of acid squelch. Wait for sunshine, and hit play. As with any mixes posted on the blog, please check out artists you like & if you really love their music buy don’t steal! Tracklist: TO FOLLOW https://www.mixcloud.com/andyhickford/balearic-mix-7-analogue-dreams/